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Dr. Greg Hunt
I wrote this book, deeply aware that I’m not alone – many others go through what I went through. It’s my deepest hope that my story will open you up to your own story in relationship with God. May God’s love surround you in the daylight and the dark!      - Greg Hunt

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When God Won't Answer

What if God refused to answer your prayers?

What if your desperate pleas for help were met with silence?

This book will strengthen your faith, increase your inner peace and answer some of the age-old questions about the very existence of God.

The religion/spirituality sections of bookstores are lined with 'sure fire' formulas for knowing God. This is not one of those books!

What sets this book apart is the way it folds the elements of memoir into an actual experiment in spirituality, offering a realistic, yet hopeful alternative for those who have experienced disappointment in their pursuit of God.

You’ll be blown away as the author shares his journey from a cradle-role Sunday Schooler with a perfect attendance record to a highly-successful senior pastor of an influential, multi-staffed church in the Bible Belt to a serious doubter and reader of atheist philosophy to a stronger-than-ever believer in the transformation of God’s presence and call on his life.

During a crisis of faith and calling, Greg turned to God for guidance. He found only silence. Days turned into months. Months became a year, then two.

At the end of his spiritual rope, he decided on a desperate experiment in devotion that transformed his life. Join him on this journey and find inspiration and hope for your own life.

Susan M. Heim
Greg Hunt invites us into an unsettling time, exposes the fault lines of his faith, and describes the path he walked into and out of the dark. Thanks to the trail markers he leaves along the way, he makes it easier for us to find our way, too.

Susan M. Heim
Co­author, Chicken Soup for the Soul: Devotional Stories for Women

Dr. Robert A. Schuller
As Greg Hunt shows in his thought-provoking account of faith under stress, we don’t have to give up when God seems elusive. His own experience provides a trail to follow, with unforgettable things to learn along the way.

Dr. Robert A. Schuller
Crystal Cathedral Ministries, Chairman, FamilyNet Television Network
and New York Times bestselling author, Walking in Your Own Shoes

Julie Pennington-Russell
Sometimes raw, always honest, and ultimately hopeful, Blackbird Singing in the Dead of Night speaks to the spiritual longings of the human heart. It offers not a tidy spiritual prescription, but a ragged record of the quest for God and the pursuit of a purposeful life. It’s as much about the search for truth as it is finding it.

Julie Pennington-Russell
Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church Decatur GA

This Transformative Book is For You IF:
  • you have struggled with God’s elusiveness
  • you long for God’s presence and guidance
  • you want to go beyond easy answers to tough questions
  • you need to find direction and purpose for your life
  • you need a fresh take on the life and words of Jesus
  • you want to be guided into a deeper reflection of your life and relationship with God

What You Can Expect Based on Other Readers’ Reports
  • learn to experience a richer, more abundant life
  • gain assurance that God is approachable and available
  • discover God’s direction and purpose for your life
  • hear the divine YES
  • experience a deeper understanding of your life’s direction and purpose
  • enjoy inspiration, hope and encouragement

Change the Way You Understand Prayer
Gain a glimpse into the life of a pastor asking many of the questions you yourself ask. Accompany him on his journey into the Red Letters of Jesus, his great, desperate attempt to find light in the only place he had hope of finding it.

Gain inspiration to sing a new song in the dead of night. Learn how to talk to God when God seems absent – to keep believing, to keep seeking.

Refuse to give up even when you fear that God has given up on you. God’s not listening? Keep talking! God’s not talking? Keep listening!

Join the author on his dynamic, engaging, illuminating journey of faith and doubt and find, as he did, surprising serendipity all along the path.


A Spiritual Memoir
It’s been said that all art is autobiographical. Hunt applies this truth to the art of conversation about matters of ultimate importance. He takes the autobiographical element out of hiding and threads it openly and honestly into the flow of the conversation about spirituality and faith.

The author brings, not only his theological training and years of preaching, teaching and counseling to the conversation, but also his hopes, fears and personal spiritual wrestling.

Hunt’s experiment of faith was carried on, not by some ivory tower intellectual pondering abstractions, but by a person of faith in the throes of a desperate struggle of faith.

During the journey, hope and doubt walked together as hand-holding companions most of the way. This book is as much about the search for truth as about finding it. Sometimes, it turns out the journey is the destination in disguise.

Christopher Webb
This is perhaps the most honest book I’ve read in a decade. . . Greg Hunt, like a contemporary Job, asks many of the questions no-one is supposed to ask and so finds his way to realities we all need to hear. This is one of those rare books that really could change your life.

Christopher Webb
President of Renovare

Kim Verriere
For a Christian leader of this caliber to be so open and show such raw honesty is rare and extremely refreshing! I was brought to tears at times. This book will speak to the depths of your soul with understanding and ultimately a restoring hope.

Kim Verriere
Christian lay leader

Molly T. Marshall

Greg has written a searing spiritual memoir. . . his personal transparency evinces the humility of one who has wrestled with God, indeed.

Molly T. Marshall
President, Central Baptist Theological Seminary



Blackbird singing in the dead of night ...Take these broken wings and learn to fly.—the Beatles

Longing for Life
This Beatles song deeply resonates with the longing of the human heart when lost in the darkness of what the sixteenth-century mystic, St. John of the Cross, termed “the dark night of the soul.”

During the dark night of the author’s soul, this yearning became an almost unbearable ache in the chest, an obsessive interest, a bleeding desire. He felt his brokenness, recognized his blindness. He strained to notice and move toward any evidence, any sign, of light.

To sing a song, any song, in the dead of night is to defy what the evidence suggests. To talk to God when God seems absent, to keep believing, to keep trying, to refuse to give up even when you fear that God has given up on you; that’s blackbird singing in the dead of night.

If you’ve ever asked “Where are you God?” you know what it means to search in vain for God’s presence, power and guidance.

Blackbird Singing in the Dead of Night invites you into a successful, highly-educated, well-respected pastor’s conversations with a Silent God. Experiencing the silence of God, instead of giving up, Greg Hunt plunges into an experiment that reawakens his relationship with God and crystallizes his life direction.

Join Greg on this Candid, Honest, Authentic Journey of Faith and Doubt and Experience Your Own Transformation.

Gary Chapman
If you have ever longed to hear God whispering a love song into your life, you will hear it loudly and clearly in the pages of this compelling and honestly written book.

Gary Chapman, NY Times best-selling author
The 5 Love Languages, The Love Languages of God


Find Answers When God Refuses to Give Them
You will be enticed to carry out your own spiritual experiment when you read Blackbird Singing in the Dead of Night. By openly sharing his struggles, Greg guides you through your own experimentation. Learn to ask the right questions. Understand how a seemingly passive God can speak. The author will guide you to:
  • allow Jesus’ words to come alive again
  • accept that doubt is a vital ingredient to faith
  • understand that you are not alone
  • develop a new way to relate to God
  • let Jesus’ words speak to you right where you are
  • experience your own 40-day wilderness experience and come out on the other side refreshed, renewed and with a new inner peace and purpose
  • explore a deeper pursuit of God and the quest for what Jesus called an “abundant life”
  • gain confidence claiming and verbalizing your own unique faith journey
  • emerge with a life rich with love, joy and ultimate meaning

Ways to Enjoy this Book
  • read through like a novel
  • experience an entry a day as a daily devotion
  • give as a gift to seekers and persons of faith
  • give as a gift of encouragement to your pastor or minister
  • organize a book club to discuss in a group, using questions provided
  • introduce as a curriculum for existing church classes

About the Author
Gregory L. Hunt is a highly regarded speaker, consultant and writer. He leverages his wide-ranging work in the worlds of church, community, business, academia, life coaching and relationship education to help people think holistically and purposefully about their lives, relationships and work.

In September, 2009, after thirty-plus years of pastoral ministry, Greg transitioned into a a new expression of his vocation as President of Directions, Inc. Directions is a nonprofit he and his wife, Priscilla, founded to serve people as they lead their organizations, relationships and lives. Together, Greg and Priscilla travel extensively, facilitating faith-based and non-sectarian couple retreats, workshops and conferences. Visit